Exercise at any age

What sort of workout should you be doing at your age?




This is a tricky one – because everyone is so different! You want people to do the workouts that they enjoy, no matter what age or ability they are. But if you’re looking from a scientific, musculoskeletal and hormonal standpoint, there are some disciplines that are recommended for the different age-groups, so I’m going to share a few of these today…

But remember, if you’re active, healthy and regularly do a workout that you enjoy and can physically still do – continue to do so and enjoy it! But if you’re struggling for exercise motivation or don’t even know where to start with a fitness regime, get in touch because I’d love to help you!

In your 30’s (into your 40’s)

I would say … just go for it! 

Try all types of exercise and learn what you enjoy doing the most. Muscle has a memory so laying down muscle memory now will hold you in good stead in the future.

Do steady state cardio (like running, swimming and cycling), HIIT, weights and stretch workouts.

Balance out your workouts in the week so your body gets variety – but it is also an important stage to concentrate on good technique and form. If you keep your focus on alignment and how you are performing a move,  you are less likely to become injured in the years that follow.

Work on your cardio fitness / endurance but really focus on your strength, agility and mobility constantly.

40’s, 50’s and into 60’s

Changes are happening…

A woman at this age will be going through some of her biggest hormonal changes of her life.

This age can be a challenging time as these changes will affect how we feel considerably and therefore what we are then able to achieve in our daily lives.

Because of this I would say creating a good habit with exercise before these symptoms and changes occur can help with motivation and mindset.

By this age you will be losing muscle mass, bone density and your metabolism may be changing too.

Which is why daily movement is so important eg:

  • Power walking to keep the cardiovascular system healthy, and bones strong.
  • Lifting weights or your own body weight to maintain muscle mass and healthy bones.

And I would also add in using your brain in a more complex way as you are doing a workout… try to do a couple of more complex workouts in a week to challenge your brain to body stimulation to keep you alert. 

I would also add in a weekly yoga or breathing session to calm the mind and allow the body to tap into the parasympathetic nervous system. 

Learning to listen to what your body needs at this stage is also valuable. Some days you may not feel up to pushing yourself hard in a HIIT session after a restless night’s sleep, so opt for a power walk and some body weight moves instead. 

Doing workouts you enjoy as you enter your 60’s is so important. 

You still want to challenge your body every week….

As well as challenge your cardiovascular capacity. Keep doing weights as your body has that all important muscle memory but remember to mix up your workouts so you are still challenging your body to change, as by this age you know what works for your body and what you most likely to keep doing regularly.

Try to do a session each week that involves being in a more social setting. Interaction with likeminded, fit and healthy people will keep you motivated and stimulated in the years ahead.

Keeping the joy in doing movement makes it all that more enjoyable and you are more likely to repeat the experience.