Emily Blunt, Actress


Monique is just the most extraordinary trainer. Not only does she understand the body in the most extensive and exciting way but she understands YOU and how far you can push your body.

I met her as my UK trainer on the film Edge of Tomorrow and I credit her for intensively maintaining and building on my physical transformation     necessary for that role. I also know that because of the strength building and stamina she created in me, she got me through all of the stunts and sequences unscathed!

She emboldens your physical performance so that you can be so proud of yourself whilst sculpting the body you always wanted. I only had to look at her for inspiration because the woman is super human!

She is fun as hell, tough as nails and a beautiful person and I have found her work outs to be some of the most challenging but rewarding of my life.


Stanley Tucci, Actor

I pride myself on having exercised consistently and rather obsessively on my own and with various trainers and techniques since my late teens. However, Monique has taken my fitness to another level. Her understanding of the muscular cardio and skeletal systems of our bodies is profound. One need not further proof of what she can achieve than her own extraordinary physique. She is a generous soul and a powerful motivating force always encouraging one to be better.

Hayley Atwell, Actress

Monique changed the way I exercise. Her thorough, precise approach packs everything into one session and my trust in her technique is absolute. Her focus and enthusiasm are contagious and although I often dread those jumps she makes me do, they always feel worth it after. She’s a secret weapon.

Ruth Wilson, Actress

“I have been training with Monique for over a year now and there is no one better who will help you transform your body.  Through a combination of hiit, Pilates and dance you will become stronger and leaner. Monique’s workouts are not for the faint-hearted but boy do they do the job”

Jack Gower, British Number 1 Downhill Skier

I have loved working with Monique over the years, we have built a great rapport and she knows how I work and train better than anyone. Although most of my training is now done at the Olympic training centre I stay in touch with Monique as she continues to advise and help improve my performance. Monique creates challenging programmes with excellent results taking into consideration workload coming in and an individual's level of fatigue on the day. I will continue working with Monique through my sporting career and could not recommend her highly enough.

Sam Rockwell, Actor

"Monique and her courses are top-of-the-line, Grade-A workouts that’ll push you to new limits — not to mention fun! After every class, I’m more limber and relaxed than before. Monique kept me strong and flexible on the Argylle movie.

I can’t recommend her courses enough — you won’t regret it."