8 Week Challenge Eastwood App

8 Week Challenge

This 8 Week Challenge is aimed at those of you who want to reintroduce movement, mobility and strength training into your routine in a progressive way.

The programme consists of 23 carefully selected pre-recorded sessions that can be used and accessed anytime.

Commencing with a 45-minute starter HIIT session that incorporates many of my signature moves and a 60-minute technique session to help teach you the fundamentals of my method, such as posture, alignment and breathing as well as to ensure you engage your all-important deep inner core muscles in every workout. These videos can be referred back to at any point throughout the 8 weeks and really will help you get the most out of the sessions and the full programme.

From there, each week we will build on the challenge with increased workouts including a mix of 30 minute and 45 minute HIIT/Power sessions to help build stamina and strength. You can also choose to challenge yourself further with less modifications and using full body moves or extra weights.

The classes are designed to challenge your whole body with multidirectional and high intensity movements, mixing plyometrics, power and body weight moves with balance and stability exercises. You can adapt moves to a more low impact version depending on what’s good for you and your body. These are non-stop classes, so be ready to be challenged.

On rest days, I recommend you get your steps up and keep moving. It is also important to maintain a healthy diet throughout with plenty of protein rich food. I'll be sharing recipe ideas on my social channels to help give you inspiration.

By the end of the 8 weeks, you will have much more energy and notice a significant improvement in your overall fitness mobility and strength. Your body should also feel and look more toned as you build more lean muscle mass.

Consistency is always key, so at the end of the challenge you could then join me and my Eastwood Movement community in my Live workouts via the app to ensure you maintain and build on your new-found strength and fitness.

There's no polished editing or professional videography, my focus is on working hard and being real to get you results.

Feel free to ask me any questions and I’d love to know how you get on!

To purchase the 8-week challenge click here: https://eastwoodfitapp.com/gym/Eastwood-challenge