Realign and Thrive - Ibiza Women’s Movement Retreat

5th - 9th October 2022, Ibiza

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This October, I will be the leading expert on a Women’s Movement Retreat in Ibiza. The 5-day programme will be centered on perimenopause, menopause and overall female hormonal health, whilst providing a renewed sense of energy and understanding about what is happening to your body amidst the intervals of change that are related to ageing. During this retreat, we will take the time to focus on tuning in with yourself, learning how to prepare for this deeply changing stage in life, taking care of your hormones and your shifting body by cultivating a lifestyle that promotes longevity in your health and fitness.

In a special collaboration with Balance Holidays, a curator of unique wellbeing travel experiences, I will be the leading expert on this programme. As the founder of The Eastwood Movement Method, a dynamic, full-body movement system which incorporates multi-directional power sequences, my workout method and ethos will be showcased throughout this retreat. I’ll be drawing from my personal experiences of navigating transitionary hormonal cycles, menopause and decades of working with clients, to bring guests on an energetic and exciting, forward-looking movement journey.

I am honoured to invite with me on this retreat, the knowledgeable Dr Katie Armstrong, a women’s health and hormone expert. Katie will deliver two live-streamed workshops virtually, which will advance the conversation on women’s hormonal health.

Following my belief that challenge is change, on this programme we will focus on keeping movement going, highlighting the importance of core, posture and form and of course, strength and endurance. We’ll be incorporating exercise intermittently into the day, bringing the heartrate up every few hours to nurture the changes you desire. This retreat is an opportunity to thoroughly reawaken the body and support women to feel empowered and encouraged by the body’s ability and flexibility to transition. Most importantly, what we will accomplish by the end of the retreat, is recognising the significance of the process and learning how a simple and effective lifestyle that keeps movement and energy up, fueled by a nutritional diet and consistent behaviours, impacts the body during this stage of life.

During this 5-day retreat, we will be incorporating lots of different forms of movement. From high-energy HIIT workouts to low impact and Pilates flow sessions, as well as nature walks and outdoor experiences. Guests can also expect nutrient-rich cuisine, expert knowledge workshops and a seamless wellness journey, providing you with plenty of information and tools to transform your healthy lifestyle going forward.

In the mornings, emerging from beneath the quiet and still waters of the Balearic Island, we will start the days with an awakening walk, led by myself. Here, we’ll be letting our movement fall in harmony with the nature around us, activating the muscles and joints and gently increasing heart rate whilst enjoying the mindfulness and meditative qualities of walking.

The snacking and breakfast times will be geared towards replenishing the body’s nutrients in preparation for the higher intensity workouts that will follow.


As my preferred method of training, we will be creating lasting change in the body in a short amount of time with my high energy HIIT workouts. Designed to challenge you, I’ll get your heart rate thrumming into an anaerobic state, firing up the large muscle groups and incorporating plenty of multidirectional movement by mainly using your own body weight, to challenge the deep core. In considering how muscle mass and bone density is challenged when we enter our midlife, targeting many of the big muscle groups and firing them up again will be the focus of these Power Session workouts.

After these morning sessions, typically the daytime will be for guests to enjoy the gorgeous Ibizan surroundings, take in the local sights, relax by the pool and thoroughly switch off from the outside world. Across the programme, there will be generous opportunities of rest and free time to embark on spontaneous coastal strolls or find restoration under the island’s warm, scented air.

We’ll then join as group again to raise the heart rate and kick-start movement again in the afternoon with an engaging Pilates Flow. This is a low impact method of supporting the body and mind and a way to realign and bring the focus deeper into yourself to gain heightened self-awareness. All the while strengthening and lengthening the muscles around the joints, stabilising and developing a strong core and pelvic floor.

During the retreat, two separate workshops will be live-streamed with guest expert Dr Katie Armstrong. The first workshop will cover a mixture of topics such as the roles of female hormones throughout your life, symptoms of both perimenopause and menopause, long term effects of menopause and more. Equipping you with the knowledge to listen and understand your body and take control of your hormones to enhance ability to continue thriving. For the second workshop, vulval, vaginal and urinary tract symptoms, libido and testosterone in women will be the main discussion points as these are generally considered taboo.

Dr Katie Armstrong will also open a Q&A to dive deeper into other topics of interest. As well as share resources related to menopause and female hormonal health to help you navigate the minefield of information online and provide advice on how to approach the conversation with your GP/Doctor.
During this retreat, it will be important for us to be open and transparent with one another, sitting and discussing what we struggle with at home and our routine. We’ll be doing a ‘Tools To Take Home’ Group Session, where we’ll dive into a range of discussion topics on what you would like to do, the changes you want to bring forward and guidance on maintaining the practices and habits discovered across the retreat into the long term.

Complementing my ethos to wellbeing, health and keeping movement up, all meals across the retreat will be made using locally-sourced and in-season ingredients. Simple but healthy and nutrient-dense dishes from a specially designed menu by Balance Holidays will provide an authentic taste of nature.

Balance Holidays have asked me to host this retreat on the picturesque and euphoric island of Ibiza, one of my favourite places in the world. The truly restorative and reviving location and hotel partner has been chosen to provide guests with the ultimate wellness getaway. Reflecting the harmonious unity of untamed Mediterranean coastlines and lush greenery, separated only by secluded bays and sandy footpaths, relax in the laps of simplicity and tranquility at OKU Ibiza. Derived from the Japanese spiritual and architectural concept of “inner space”, OKU Ibiza opened its doors May 2021. With direct access to a tucked away beach, Cala Gració a short distance away and the largest swimming pool in Ibiza, it has been meticulously designed to inspire guests and awaken their true inner self: connected and rested.

The Realign and Thrive - Women’s Movement Retreat provides the occasion to step away from your routine and to reacquaint yourself with your changing body through movement, nature and deeper connections with yourself and others. Indulging in time and space for self-care and in celebration of your body’s achievements. Where my preferred approach is to not overcomplicate the workouts or concepts on the retreat, we want you to walk away from this journey, equipped with sufficient know-how to move forward into life at home, energised and excited for all that is yet to come.

For all-inclusive 5-day, 4-night double occupancy, the price is £2,796pp
For all-inclusive 5-day, 4-night single occupancy, the price is £3,588pp
If you’re interested in joining us on this truly transformative retreat experience this October, find more information and booking details via the Balance Holidays website
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