My career in the fitness and health industry has involved training and observing people in movement, posture and fitness for over 20 years. Eastwood Movement Method has developed from all my past knowledge and experience in the disciplines of Dance, Pilates and Exercise.

I trained as a dancer at a prestigious British Ballet and theatre School in all forms of dance, this has made me the focused, disciplined, empathetic teacher I am today!

Dancing in professional Ballet companies in South Africa and the “Vegas-style “ resort of Sun City. Performing the classics of the ballet world,”Swan Lake”,”Spartacus”, “Les Sylphides”, etc, and then into the grueling schedule of an all singing, dancing and acting extravaganza!

After many years teaching dance and theatre I became fascinated in the Pilates method of training. I loved the way it was linked to movement and a powerful, strong centre, or “core”, very similar to dance. Pilates also has a focus on anatomy, so you learn to understand where the body holds its strengths and weaknesses through its repetitive postural habits.

Combining all my different disciplines over the years has enabled me to develop the perfect workout, that lengthens and strengthens your muscles plus gets your heart rate up to help “lean the body out”!

Because of all the years spent observing, training and analysing the body, I now understand the way we should move without strain or restriction, but instead with a good functional movement pattern.

I assist on set, in preparing actors and actresses for specific action and dance based roles.

If you are looking for a strong, lean, fit body, but still able to move with the grace of a dancer, Eastwood movement method will help you achieve these results.

Qualifications :
RAD advanced ballet
RSA fitness
Stott Pilates (mat and reformer trained)

Courses attended in:
Prenatal,  Stott Lumber pelvic region stability,  Stott The shoulder girdle,  Stott Functional Ageing,  FAI How humans move, function versus anatomy,  Pelvic floor health /post and prenatal,  Carolyne Anthony Menopause and midlife health,  Mbodies Psoas workshop,  Cameron Angus