Food For Thought: How I like to fuel my body

Anyone that knows me, knows I’m a true foodie! I’ve always been very conscious of how the foods I consume not only fuel my workouts, but also keep my bones, skin, brain and everything in between healthy. Not to mention, a truly good meal makes you happy!


Today I’d like to share with you all, my own thoughts and advice about nutritious and delicious food.



My fridge and cupboards are usually packed with similar weekly ingredients, but I also tend to add in as many seasonal ingredients as possible.



It’s all about balance in my household and I tend to focus on having just three balanced plates each day. I choose a plate or bowl that is the perfect size to hold all my nutritional needs. I don’t believe in diets or huge restrictions on foods – but I do believe in incorporating a variety of food groups into each meal.


For example, every meal I make has a generous portion of protein in it – whether that be plant-based or animal protein. I like lean meat as well as fish, eggs, nuts, seeds or plant-based proteins like beans or quinoa.


I also love to have lots of complex carbohydrates on my plates – albeit in slightly smaller portions depending on my workload that day. It’s also important to include complex carbs because they fulfil your energy and fibre needs. Things like brown rice, sweet potatoes, carrots – they are my favourites!


Healthy fats are the other thing I make sure to include where possible. A small amount the good healthy fats, like avocado, olive oil, flaxseed – these are good for the absorption of essential minerals and vitamins into our bodies.


Finally, greens beautiful greens! Anything that is in season and can be found in abundance – that’s what I like to pile on my plate. It’s brilliant for your vitamins and minerals again but also, it helps with your fibre intake too. Greens always bring such colour to any plate too, so they really are my non-negotiable!



One thing I am quite conscious of (as a middle-aged woman who has had to be conscious of shifting hormonal balances in particular!), is sugars. Sugars do tend to get quite a bad rep and I’m not saying shun sugars altogether – but I personally tend to stay away from eating highly refined sugars and processed foods as I know it doesn’t work for me.


I tend to stick to fruits when I do want sugars – I love berries for example. But I only treat myself to the higher sugar fruits (like mango, pineapple and watermelon) on occasion.



Flavour is the name of the game in all my cooking, so I always add lots of garlic, onions, fresh herbs or spices to make simple ingredients burst with flavour.


I would always encourage clients to also try experimenting with new foods like sauerkraut, yogurts and vinegars too – as these all work well for the body’s nutritional needs too.

But in truth, it’s all about keeping it simple and wholesome!


I am not a nutritionist, so everything I’ve written here is just how I like to eat and enjoy my fuel. If you are looking for advice or just inspiration, feel free to drop a message in the community page and I can put you in touch with some experts or recommend ways to start your nutrition journey.