How To: Age Well (a brief introduction!)

If you’re a regular Eastwood Movement Method follower, you’ll have noticed that recently, I announced two brand new offerings: my first ever workout Challenge (a transformative 8-week programme) and a gorgeous summertime retreat in Ibiza, which is in partnership with Balance Holidays.

I launched these two new packages because I work very closely with my clients to create a relationship of trust and understanding, something that’s even more important as we age but want to remain consistent and strong in our training. It’s a subject I’m very passionate about; making sure we stay fit, strong and mobile as we continue to age, as it can be a very difficult time to stay motivated with our hormones all over the place. At 55 years old, I’ve spent the last few years getting to grips with the ageing process and learning about how to understand the challenges and changes our bodies go through, how our lifestyle needs to support our body and ultimately, how to age well!

When exactly does ‘ageing’ begin?

Believe it or not, at around the age of 30 (I know, so young!) is when we start to lose muscle mass… in fact, we could lose up to 5% of muscle every decade. Genetics can also play a huge role in how well we age and how we sustain our muscle mass. I wouldn’t say there is one area which loses more than another, it just may be that the larger and more visible muscles are noticed more when they start to lose mass. We may notice our shape changes gradually as muscle is lost and our metabolism slows down.

Can you ‘combat’ ageing?

Of course not, but you can create a lifestyle that supports ageing. Yes, really – you need to support ageing in order to do it well. It’s why I created my 8-week challenge, because one of the most important parts to ageing well, is sustained movement. I wanted to give people the option of having a collection of regularly available workouts that would encourage regular activity.

I think it’s important to schedule in time to keep our bodies strong, fit and agile, now more than ever. My sessions are packed full of all the elements we need to be focusing on now. Including balance, building lean muscle, creating strong bones, multidirectional moves to activate the core and stimulate the brain-to-body feedback and challenging the cardiovascular system. If you want to get involved, find the challenge here.

If you join my Zoom or on-demand sessions, you’ll know I always advocate for movement. Everyday movement with a focus on working the whole body through strength training and cardio based exercise. Regularly changing up between brisk walking, cycling, swimming and HIIT with body-weight strength training is what keeps the body young and supple, not to mention increases those all-important feel-good hormones which contribute to better skin health and ultimately – happiness.

Does ageing differ between men and women?

Yes, definitely! Each one goes through their own challenges. Men are also in danger of losing bone density and muscle mass, but at a more gradual pace as their levels of testosterone start to drop more. With the drop in testosterone, this can then also affect body composition and may attribute to the lack the motivation to keep their bodies strong and mobile as they age. It’s now very important for men to continue or start to lift weights, maintain a healthy body weight and to stay cardio fit.

And women, well ! That’s a whole blog by itself isn’t? Women’s changing hormones as they age can wreak havoc on everything from their immune system, metabolism, mood and bone-density. Perimenopause and menopause in particular are such challenging times in a women’s life, and one that needs nurturing, patience and greater knowledge.

In June this year (2022), I will be hosting a retreat on the gorgeous island of Ibiza in collaboration with Balance Holidays. I chose to focus on the topic of women’s hormonal health including perimenopause and menopause for this retreat because it’s a subject that needs more understanding. We’ll be working with other experts to give women the tools they need to get to terms with their changing bodies and create a lifestyle that helps the ageing process. If you’re interested in coming along on this retreat, find details here.

Can you make any mistakes in the ageing process?

Not prioritising your health – this can be a huge problem later down the line. Whether you’re 30 or 50, taking care of yourself, dedicating time and investment into learning what your body needs to be well, will only bring benefits in the long run. If you’re a total beginner to exercise, just remember that we all start somewhere!  So do reach out to a professional, get some advice and create a programme that works for you.

Crucially, never stop moving. Get in your steps, get outside in the natural light or find a mobility session that helps if you’re not able to get outside. Whatever you can to continue stimulating change in your body, that’s what will keep it young and supple!

If you’re interested in this topic and want to learn more ways to age well, feel free to get in touch via or try my 8-week challenge to see how regular movement can help you feel alive!