How To: Get the perfect core (a stronger core, more defined abs, flatter stomach)

Something I often get asked is ‘how do I get a flatter tummy’ or ‘how do I get a six pack’.

Unfortunately, the answer isn’t as simple as ‘do some sit ups’. Though  we all wish it was.

In my 20 plus years of training , teaching and professional dancing, I have gained invaluable information and knowledge on how to develop a strong body/ core. Today, I’m going to share this with you.

The core is a large group of muscles that are both deep and superficial, so it’s a really big subject area to work!

But remember, your core strength is a very different entity to just how flat your stomach (outer abs) is. The outside body is not always a reflection of the inside body, regarding strength and core control. The core is deep abdominal connection and actually involves activating muscles all the way from the pelvis to the ribcage.

Flat outer abs are obtained through healthy eating and a mixture of strength and cardio workouts to break down any excess fatty deposits in the surrounding area, therefore allowing the superficial muscles like the six-pack muscle, to be more visible and stronger throughout.

Because strength and cardio are required for leaner and more defined abdominals, my movement method is perfectly tailored to creating this effect, combined with the stimulus of multidirectional movement to activate the core. Doing two or three of my sessions a week will give you the cardio fitness and muscle strength necessary to see a real transformation in your abdominals.

But, for a little example – here is a great set of exercises that strengthen the core and activate those flat outer abs. If you’re a regular, you’ll know we often do these during my live classes:

Dead bug

• Lying on your back engaging your core muscles. Legs are in Tabletop position (90 degrees up) and arms are up and in-line with your shoulders

• Try to move your opposite arm away from your opposite leg while staying connected in your core

• When this becomes easier …try taking both arms and legs away from your centre of your body to add a greater challenge to your core.

All fours …into plank…with arm lifts….

• Start on all fours

• Engage your core and lift your knees a few inches off the ground. Make sure you are in a balanced, neutral position with your knees in-line with your hips, try not to shift forward or back

• Step one leg back into a wide leg plank then the other leg, then lift one arm to tap your chest then the other

• Step your legs back in …lower and repeat using your other leg first.

• Modify by not walking back into a full plank …but by walking back a few inches with each leg keeping your knees bent and only add the arm lift if you feel you can maintain stability and core strength.

If these sound confusing, don’t fret! Just join one of my LIVE classes, every Monday, Tuesday and Friday and I’ll coach you through the moves via Zoom.

And if LIVE isn’t your thing, try my on-demand workouts instead, updated every week.

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