Small changes for a healthy and fit summer body

Ways to look and feel great this summer holiday.

This is a question I often get asked by my clients; ‘Is there anything I can do in a couple of months before I go away on holiday, to look better and feel healthier?’

We all know that being consistent and disciplined with our workouts and healthy eating habits is key to a fitter, healthier and stronger body but unfortunately our lifestyle and work life may not always allow us to do this on a regular basis.

I would suggest putting a few small but effective changes, if you have a busy lifestyle:


Instead of rushing to the gym a couple of times a week and pounding it out for an hour on the treadmill or something, try to do a 20/30 min high intensity workout 4/5 times a week, you can even do this from the comfort of your own home.

HIIT is an effective and efficient way to work our bodies, as you will burn a lot of calories /sugars but still hold on to that important muscle mass. Your body works in an anaerobic way with HIIT, so you will continue to burn calories all day long. Maintaining our muscles is vital for our hormonal health and to keep our metabolism fired up, as muscles burn calories!

Some things you can do to incorporate more anaerobic exercise could also be an early morning power walk, adding in some interval training e.g...a fast jog for 30 sec every few mins, press ups or tricep dips on a nearby bench, or step ups on a nearby step.

Or if this is impossible, do a 20 min home workout before your day begins adding in challenging moves to get your heart rate up. If you don’t have dumbbell weights, just add in body weight exercises like squats with arm moves, lunges, planks, press-ups, side leg work etc…

If you’re in need of a programme or guidance on how to incorporate HIIT workouts into your routine for a few months over the summer, why not try my 8-week Challenge (here), as it has a specially curated set of my on-demand workouts that help to add value to your training.


To create new, healthier habits takes commitment and repetitive action, so it’s important to explain this to your family so they are supporting you.

There are a lot of these type of workouts available online (including my own!) if you need a guide, they are short but intense, so easy to add in to a busy workday.

If you work in an office or at your desk most of the week, adding movement into your day can make a significant difference, e.g., power walk to the bus or tube, or walk further and faster if you park your car somewhere to drive home. Get breathless - as this works the cardiovascular system, keeping our lungs and heart healthy.

Take a work phone call outside if possible while you do a quick 15 min walk and try to get up from your desk, do this as often as you can throughout the day.


Summertime can also mean a very social time with friends at the pub or just out and about more.

Try to swap your gin/vodka and tonic for one of those alcohol-free versions occasionally, and instead of tonic add sparkling water, load it up with fresh mint or cucumber to make it more exciting.

Swap your carb-heavy meals occasionally for alternatives like spiralling courgettes instead of pasta or slicing and roasting a cauliflower instead of chips or potatoes.

Add protein to all your meals as this keeps you fuller for longer and the body has to work harder to digest it (as an example, I love to toast walnuts and pumpkin seeds and add these to my salads).

And a final tip, try to avoid snacking throughout the day, just stick with your mealtimes. 

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