Why you should get involved in a Fitness Challenge

Challenge, programme, schedule, routine – it’s all the same way of saying - working out in a motivated and consistent manner.

My number one fitness tip to anyone, old or young, male or female, injured or healthy, is to exercise consistently. Schedule workouts into your day as a non-negotiable in the same way you do meetings, and your body will stay healthy and capable for longer.

But, I do admit, life can sometimes get in the way. Or sometimes, if you’ve been doing the same workout day in, day out – and just need something new. That’s where challenges come into their own. Many of my clients will know this, but I love a fitness challenge. My motto - after all – is Challenge is Change

Setting challenges is a great way to keep us motivated and give us that extra push to get stronger, more confident and more agile.

I create dedicated challenges throughout the year to help my subscribers create good workout habits that will become part of their normal [and busy!] lives. The workouts I include in these challenged predominately consist of 30min quick-fire HIIT sessions, perfect for targeting every muscle in the body, challenging the cardiovascular system and building endurance!

With these, I’m really wanting you to get used to doing three short workouts that push you and really challenge you each week. That way, you know by the end of it  - you have achieved a stronger, fitter and healthier body.

Whether you remain with my workouts or you mix them up with other sessions you enjoy – like running outside, kayaking in the sea or just doing yoga in your living room - that’s absolutely fine! It’s more about getting into a good workout habit weekly so it’s part of how you live.

Most of us are very goal oriented and need that big wedding, event or holiday to push us to get fitter, leaner, stronger and healthier. But I’m all about exercise and movement becoming part of your lifestyle in short but effective bursts each week. If we can make our goal about long-term health, staying strong and keeping a youthful body as we age - this has to be our motivation!

Join my challenges and see what changes you discover in your mind and body! Drop me a message in the community page if you’d like to talk about how to get started.