2023 Retreats

A fabulous year for wellness retreats!

I am thrilled to announce, I will be working with a selection of premium wellness brands this year, to support on individual retreats designed to nourish, restore and revitalise guests.


From the gorgeous Suffolk countryside to the luscious landscapes of Spain – I invite you to experience the stunning collection of health & wellbeing services these brands are offering.

I will be working with these progressive and nourishing wellness brands to support their retreats and packages by providing my multidirectional movement method tuition and ethos. I will work alongside the experts and wellness curators of these beautiful collections to provide guests with innovative yet wholesome guidance and programmes to help them achieve their health and wellbeing goals.

Take a look at the retreats coming up this year and click on each of the links to find out more about each different retreat, or get in touch with me directly if you’d like to chat about them.

RARE Life: An English RARE Retreat

Taking place in March 2023, the trusted team behind the RARE Brand Market, the BARN Little London and Slow Food Sussex have launched a retreat based in the English countryside of Suffolk.

In this fast-paced, time-poor world, RARE Life brings a joyfully curated selection of the best emerging brands in the market, all in one place. As a guest, you will join a like-minded community of people who eat and drink RARE, travel RARE, shop RARE and live, RARE, whilst doing good. It’s about living a joyful life, it’s about pleasure, passion, inclusivity, and incredible, honest service.

In their first RARE retreat to Suffolk, England, taking place at the incredible Wilderness Reserve. It is an estate set in 8,000 acres of uninterrupted beauty. RARE have hired a completely exclusive property on the land and I am proud to announce that I am one of the two wellness professionals joining the RARE retreat this year.

This RARE retreat is entirely focussed on “moving to live better” as well as eating to have optimum gut health and therefore immunity. I’m overjoyed to say that joining me, will be the indomitable Caroline Williams, best-selling author and leading journalist whose most recent book ‘MOVE!’ is getting critical acclaim and is one of the most informative books I’ve ever read!

On the RARE retreat, guests can expect two nights and three days of wilderness immersion as well as wellness education. There will be wild swimming and campfire eating; make sure to bring a notepad for the gold dust advice you will be given! A full itinerary will be discussed upon enquiry.

The cost of this retreat is £1,750 per person. This includes two nights’ accommodation, all meals and soft drinks, all activities (and cold water swimming tuition), and lectures and education by the RARE specialists. Transport to/from Wilderness Reserve, alcoholic beverages, spa treatments and personal travel insurance are excluded.

Camiral Golf & Wellness: Menopause-focused 5-Day Retreat

Keeping bodies fluid, lean and strong is so important when women reach this stage in their lives. I use movement techniques to help women develop positive tools, build their muscle strength, boost confidence, and promote mental wellbeing. Which is why, I’m honoured to share that I will be supporting the first of a series of new retreats targeting specific health and fitness goals with Camiral Golf & Wellness at their brand-new Wellness Centre in Spain.

Aimed at menopausal and perimenopausal women, this carefully crafted journey combines movement classes, naturopathic and holistic therapies, and state of the art technologies to garner results and mitigate symptoms, from anxiety and fatigue to bad sleep and weight gain. The aim is to educate and empower while cultivating a deeper connection between body and mind.

This March, I will be supporting the retreat in collaboration with Camiral Golf & Wellness and sharing my wealth of knowledge and understanding on how bodies move, change and respond during this significant life moment.

Just one hour from Barcelona, and situated within over 1,300 acres of pristine, landscaped hills and Mediterranean forest, The Wellness Centre at Camiral Golf & Wellness offers a serene sanctuary for those seeking to navigate hormonal changes during perimenopause and menopause, offering access to best-in-class equipment and expert therapists.

Designed by Lagula Architects around biophilic principles, the resort’s new 1,000m2 state-of-the-art Wellness Centre connects guests deeply to nature with tranquil, inside and outside spaces, plenty of natural daylight, water features and indigenous planting. Alongside the serene Thermal Pavilion, the Wellness Centre offers a host of holistic therapies and targeted equipment normally only available at medical clinics or elite athletic facilities.

Included with the 5-Day Retreat are key activities and treatments as well as a stay at the 5-star Hotel Camiral, part of The Leading Hotels of the World, in a Superior Deluxe room, as well as nutritional meals and complimentary access to Wellness Centre Spa facilities throughout.

Rates start at €2,128 per person, sharing a double room or €2,528 per person in an individual double room. A full itinerary and further details how each day will be spent can be found via the website by clicking to the book here button below.

BALANCE Holidays: Realign and Thrive - Women's Movement Retreat

Last year, I worked with BALANCE Holidays on a menopause-focused women’s health retreat in Ibiza, where we spent five fantastic days at the OKU hotel and dived deep into the world of hormonal balance and nourishment. I’m so pleased to say that BALANCE Holidays and I will be working together again this year on a Female Hormonal Health, Perimenopause and Menopause Wellbeing Programme, this time taking place at Hacienda Na Xamena, Ibiza, Spain.

It is a women’s only wellbeing retreat centred on female hormonal health, perimenopause and menopause. Ideally suited for women at different stages of their journey. It is a chance for guests to experience the vibrant and pleasant-paced Ibiza with Balance Holidays and indulge in self-care and reacquaint with your body.

This retreat is an occasion to step out of routine, challenge existing predispositions on menopause and ageing, and develop a healthy and holistic lifestyle adapted to individual requirements to carry into life at home. Through a carefully curated combination of dynamic and energising movement exercises HIIT and Pilates flow, clinical and evidence-based information, a carefully thought-out nutrition plan and more. Receive a clear and deepened understanding of your body, recognise its intelligent ability to transition and shift existing perceptions on the impacts of age. Empowered, encouraged and educated to make informed habits and behavioural choices to continue flourishing and creating the change you desire, anchored in self-confidence.

I will be supporting the retreat and bringing with me my vast background in dance, fitness, Pilates and decades of experience working with a wide spectrum of body types. Reset your relationship with exercise and liberate your body with my dynamic, multi-directional sequences of HIIT, Pilates Flow, - and we’ll also enjoy nature hikes and cliffside swims! On the retreat, I work closely with each guest to adapt each exercise to every individual’s physiological profile.

Not only this, but I’m pleased to say that my dear friend, qualified Doctor and women’s hormonal health Specialist Dr Katie Armstrong will be supporting alongside me on this retreat. Katie will be leading informative workshops aimed at encouraging transparent dialogue and advancing the conversation on female hormonal health, perimenopause and menopause.

Complementing my ethos to wellbeing, health and keeping movement up, the meals across the retreat will be kept simple and follow a 95% healthy and 5% unrestricted principle. From carbohydrate-rich composition breakfasts to provide the essential foundation to start the day and support you throughout it.

Not to mention, all this will be taking place at my favourite place on earth -  Ibiza! Hacienda Na Xamena is a family-run, 5-star resort recognised for its excellence in service and striking panoramic views of Ibiza.

Rates start at £4,500 per person. For the full itinerary and details on pricing please go to BALANCE Holiday’s website below.